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Savour your first precious moments together surrounded by your friends and family. Bring your Bali dream wedding to life with the help of our professional wedding planners. Begin with the stage’s breath-taking views of the villa grounds and the glistening Indian ocean. Next, decide on a modern or traditional Balinese ceremony. We ensure that every detail is perfectly tailored to your tastes and flawlessly executed.
Reserve the villa compound to make EAZE your private wedding venue. With 8 bedrooms in 6 villas you’ll have luxurious space for 16 adults with numerous extra beds available for children. With the entire grounds as the backdrop for your intimate special day, you’ll share your vows with close friends and loved ones in your own secret hideaway.
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We are happy to assist with any questions, concerns or inquiries you may have about EAZE, Uluwatu or Bali in general. Remember, we’re here to make it EAZY!
Eaze Villas Uluwatu
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